• An array of reference letters is at your disposal, but we are sure that a personal meeting will convince you of our good intentions.

    Give our cooperation a chance and the course of things will prove everything!

  • It is difficult for us to answer this question.

    We would dare to say, however, that our many years of presence in the market, in a rather difficult sector where anything bad is instantly circulated, our excellent relationship with all entities, even those with whom we have opposing entrepreneurial interests, our enduring reputation, combined with our experience and our value-for-money financial approach, are all points in our favour.

    The rest can be shown only through our interpersonal relationship.

  • Mr Efstathios Liakopoulos (founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Business Support Services) has been active in this field over the last 15 years.

    Meanwhile, he had the honor of being asked to serve for two consecutive years now as Vice President of the Business Consultants Association, and this, for one thing, is taken as an indication of his reliability and recognition.

    A first good impression always helps in taking the first step.

  • Not to the degree and numbers rumoured.

    Even the legislative framework is unclear and covers few cases.

    Still, if handled properly, with prudence and technocratic competence, this particular issue could bring results, important ones too.

  • Of course, one can simply move alone and many people that have done had great success.

    The presence of a consultant aims at boosting the team effort in a rather complex business environment, where no one is redundant.

  • Crises, as we know, create many opportunities.

    Our approach is fully adapted to today’s reality. We seek to forge lasting relationships, knowing in advance that, today, we need to be very careful with our billings.

    Get to know us first and then check our billing.

    It will be our honor to give us a chance.

  • It is true, and we have heard similar comments from potential clients many times.

    Every field has its more and less skilled and dedicated professionals.

    Still, you shouldn’t let a past disappointment get in your way.

    Entrepreneurship entails, among other things, the selection of suitable partners.

    Ask us for references, try us and evaluate us strictly.

  • You are right. But our goal is not just to present studies.

    We want to help you compete in the real world.

    We have always been interested in tangible results, and we are not a multinational firm to promote and profit from our studies, neither we aspire to do so.

    Together we will search for practical solutions – but we will also strive to implement them.

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