Entrepreneurial Excellence

“We seek the constant improvement of our performance to achieve the optimal entrepreneurial result.”

  • Financial health -> High profitability
  • High performance -> Optimal results
  • Competitive advantage
  • Constant progress & Versatility

Morality & Integrity

We reward honesty and morality, we say the truth and do not abide villainy anywhere.

We evaluate ourselves first, and then others. We keep our promises. We are just.


We respect others. We assess our relationships and treat humans the best way possible. We serve all interests simultaneously. We see the whole picture. Our services must always benefit society as a whole.

Human Capital

“Our success hinges on our people.”


We are proud of the professional quality of our work. We are determined to achieve optimal results in anything we undertake, and if we had to choose, we would prefer to be the best instead of the greatest.


We are characterised by speed, adaptability to new circumstances, and experience in managing complicated situations.

Creativity, flexibility, and innovative way of thinking are values that we do not only welcome but also pursue constantly in our daily activities, in order to find better and unique solutions to the needs of our customers.

Team spirit

We seek the most effective teamwork in all daily activities and strive always to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully overcome the multiple challenges on behalf of our clients.

Our experience has shown that the success of our business model maximises only by efficient teamwork and constant investment in human resources on behalf of our clients.

We succeed because we help our staff achieve a collaborating, supportive, creative, and pleasant environment.


We love passionately our work, and that’s why we want to improve daily our activities by seeking high performance!

Procedures become easier when you love what you do because only then you can achieve your goals without stress.

We come to the office smiling and try to impart our passion to everything we do. We inspire and are inspired by our colleagues, as well as our clients, and we share our enthusiasm with them.

A great hotel in Cos with more than 450 beds, trusted BSS with its preparation for the COVID SHIELD certification by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS. Our goal was the protection of the hotel’s clients, suppliers, and workers, and the creation of a plan and actions in case of a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case.

Our firm undertook the planning and implementation of the GDPR system, as well as the services of a Data Protection Officer for a leading company in the Organic Products industry in the Regional Unit of Pella.

The organisational and technical measures taken aimed at the safe transfer of the personal data of its employees, clients, and suppliers from and to countries abroad for its trade transactions and thus eliminated the risk of hacker breaches. Several measures of constant staff training and radical changes were implemented in the structure of the company’s information systems.

Our company implemented a personal information protection system, mainly to secure its clients and their recipients for products transferred from and to third countries.

With the addition of the ISO 27001 procedures, greatest protection is afforded to the security of its network, to the natural security access to its facilities, to its backups and firewall, as well as to the proper use of its information systems by workers, while getting down procedures of recording and handling incidents.

For a company of the agri-food (agricultural processing) industry, we submitted and implemented an investment plan of 1 million €, regarding the expansion of the capacity of an existing production unit.

Acting on behalf of an agricultural products processing company in Thrace, we submitted and implemented an investment plan in accordance with the 4399/2016 Development Law, regarding the expansion of the capacity of an existing operating unit, worth €800,000. The overall state aid amounted to €440,000.

A private school in Thessaloniki approached our firm to get properly prepared for the certification for the ISO 9001:2015 standard and ensure the parents’ maximum satisfaction and their trust regarding their way of operation.

A centre for the prevention of addiction and the promotion of psychosocial health in central Macedonia, in collaboration with OKANA, trusted our firm with the implementation of its GDPR system and the responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer.

In the tourist industry, we have implemented successfully, in accordance with the 4399/2016 Development Law, an investment plan of 1.4 million €, regarding the founding of a 3-star hotel unit in Alexandroupoli.

BSS undertook the planning and implementation of a GDPR system and Data Protection for a great winery in Drama.

Regular staff training sessions, the strengthening of the information systems security, and continuous internal company checks regarding GDPR implementation contributed to the creation of a culture about the significance of its assets, consisting of the personal information of its workers, clients, partners, and production methods.

Our firm provided consulting services to one of the most famed private clubs in Athens for its certification in accordance with the COVID SHIELD private scheme by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

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