BSS emerged in the Top Corporate Brands in Greece for 2021-22, in the global institution of Superbrands.

BSS, with strong dynamic activity in the financial sector and a clear customer-centric approach, provides solutions that offer growth and fertile opportunities for development.

This coordinated effort of the BSS to change the flow of “business” is rewarded through the “Superbrand” Award for the year 2021-2022. The award has come after a lot of teamwork and the recognition of its own customers who daily highlight it as their trusted partner.

Meet BSS

BSS is a dynamic Business Consulting Services Company established in Greece, dynamically active in the financial sector since 1998 with a network of branch offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Larissa, and, soon in Crete, and Nicosia, Cyprus.

With a clear client-oriented approach and aiming at bringing in wealth in the Greek economy, it plans and efficiently adds value to businesses of this country over the last 22 years. This returned value is not just financial. It is prosperity and progress for man, society, and the environment.


The dynamic Business Consulting Services Firm from Greece with vision & strategy

Standing by the businessman

We define right from the start the proper steps that will lead him/her to a financial environment that is safe for development.

Our vision is security, trust, and the inspiration felt by the Greek entrepreneur in the complex reality shaping the Greek and international environment.

We stand beside the entrepreneur, strengthening his/her vision and growing together, in a ceaseless effort for development and advancement that will take us together to the future.

Certain Success
Powerful Strategies
Studied Moves

BSS in numbers

Our business develops with particular speed its value over the last years.

Within three years, it has doubled its Work Cycle, preserving high profitability and absolute entrepreneurial health.

Our notable participation in 97 cases of operational restructuring of operating businesses is indicative.

Our firm has managed for its clients’ financing of more than €1.5 billion annually, and it’s a basic agent of the business community in the field of financing.

Years-long growth
Steady decisive steps


123% increase in independent financial management services offered, in the form of permanent annual cooperation over the last four years.

72% increase in cases of business accounting supervision.

963 of cases debt restructuring, including the most significant in the Greek economy, with great penetration in the field of non-performing loan restructuring, ensuring the growth of these businesses immediately after the restructure.

227 PA subsidy programs and Development Law submissions in 2019, thus contributing to the development aid of the Greek economy.

93 concluded cases of GDPR conformation in the sectors of hotels, services, food and drink industry, food trade etc., thus contributing to the organisation and regulatory adjustment of the businesses.

More than 70 certifications of business-clients in quality assurance systems, such as ISO, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO COVID etc.

Years-long growth
Steady decisive steps

Expertise & Pillars

BSS Expertise Fields

  • Financial management
  • Business consulting
  • Bank issues
  • Subsidies
  • Investments
  • Finance
  • Seminars

Basic BSS Pillars

  • Development Law
  • PA
  • Restructure
  • Tax & Accounting planning
  • Business consulting
  • Business Organisation ISO, GDPR
  • Certification
  • COVID shield


We are the Greek answer to the needs of businessmen

A 360-Holistic approach

Our field is entrepreneurial consulting, with a “360-holistic approach” in all our services in several sectors. We support fully anything new, innovative, creative, with strategies fully applicable to the Greek economy, permanent solutions, incessant activity and actions.

Implementing the Understanding-Adjusting-Action model!

Our expertise, many years of experience, know-how, and contact with the decision centres combined with our diverse portfolio in Greece and other European markets enables us to stay ahead of the international financial developments. With perspicacity and versatility, we assess each case and contribute to the improvement of the business environment with a certain vision, to move together to the future.

A 360-holistic approach for efficient business opportunities

Corporate Social Responsibility by BSS

BSS, the Greek Business Consulting Firm, supports social groups and activities and believes in the value of giving back to the community, which is more than important in our days.

Our society needs initiatives that will provide solutions to modern-day problems and can create a better and safer future for all of us.

BSS implements Corporate Social Responsibility activities & Sustainable Development, supports actively the environment, society, economy, volunteering, vulnerable groups of children, young entrepreneurship & innovation.

The future of the whole Greek society

Protection of the environment

The protection of the environment starts from the company itself, with the reduction of the carbon dioxide, by replacing all the lamps of the offices and the communal spaces with Led technology lamps.

We faithfully recycle paper, inks and other materials on a daily basis, we limit the use of plastic water bottles and cups, we use photocells and motion sensors to reduce energy consumption, as well as cooling and heating radiators that are friendly to the environment (energy class A, Freon R410A).

We train our workers in activities and practices friendly to the environment.

Worthy of everything

Vulnerable groups & Institutions

We help the protection of vulnerable groups and institutions every year, offering 100 Euros per worker in an institution or organisation, chosen by the BSS personnel.

Humans need each other


BSS volunteering involves the undertaking of several types of voluntary work, while the company’s management offers an extra day off to each employee for such causes, whenever there is a need for social voluntary help.

With volunteering, no one is alone

Young entrepreneurship

BSS believes in young entrepreneurship as leverage towards a new model of development for the country, its regions, regional units, and local economies. Innovation has much to offer in the future, especially financial prosperity, high employment indicators and business sectors with high development rates.

BSS, as a Greek Business Consulting Firm, organises innovation & young entrepreneurship seminars, offering important advice & specialisation in the new institutional frameworks of financing, developmental programs, subsidies, enabling young people to enrich their vocational training and make steady and successful steps to their future.

Young entrepreneurship


In 2020, BSS expressed its love and solidarity to the most truthful and tender-hearted team, which has been given a home in the SOS CHILDREN VILLAGE in Vari, thus supporting the most beautiful Christmas table.

Children are the future of our society, and all together, with respect and honesty, we must help them shape their own future, teach them solidarity and offer them endless love from the heart!

A true Christmas dinner

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