This Operational Programme amounts to 10 million Euros, which will be allocated to actions for the sector of fishery and in particular for Aquaculture production, across Greece.

Measure 3.2.2:

  • Productive investments in Aquaculture.
  • Diversification of aquaculture products and cultured species.
  • Modernisation of the aquaculture units, including the improvement in working and safety conditions of aquaculture workers.
  • Improvement and modernisation of animal health and welfare, including the purchase of equipment aiming at protecting the farms from wild predators.
  • Investments to improve quality or add value to aquaculture products.
  • Restoration of existing aquaculture ponds or lagoons through the removal of silt, or investments aimed at the prevention of silt deposits.
  • Diversification of the income of aquaculture enterprises through the development of the aided complementary activities.

Measure 4.2.4 – Increase in energy efficiency and conversion to renewable resources:

  • Investments for the increase of energy efficiency.
  • Investments for the promotion of converting aquaculture enterprises to renewable sources of energy.

To whom it is addressed

Natural or legal persons or group of persons, collective bodies or bodies of Local Administrations and other Organizations that meet in addition the following conditions:

  • They are aquaculture enterprises.
  • They have the responsibility to carry out the Action submitted for aid.
  • Ultimately, they bear its cost.

Applications by companies being currently formed will not be accepted.

Application period

From 8/2/2021 to 10/15/2021 (m/d/y)

Area of application





  • Measure 3.2.2: €9,800,000
  • Measure 4.2.4: €200,000

With BSS by your side while submitting for an NSFR program, you have as allies:

  • A holistic approach, covering all needs regarding submission of applications, financing, accounting, and consultancy support
  • 97% approvability
  • Know-how
  • Experience
  • Excellent collaboration with creditors and entities
  • Cooperation with the decision-making centres
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Effectiveness

Together, we enjoy a new and healthy operational start.


Contact today a specialised BSS Consultant for the timely submission of your application.

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