If you are a new yet small start-up company (technological or of another kind), based on our bank experience, it is more or less certain that conventional bank loaning is scarcely available to you, since your sector is not eligible by credit institutions, mainly because:

  • Projects of this sort are pursued by ambitious yet inexperienced shareholders
  • You have no history of financial years
  • You are not yet operationally profitable (EBITDA)
  • Your product or service has not turned commercial yet
  • You have great growth expenses
  • You have negative cash flows
  • The first money you raised from friends and relatives have run out
  • You need specialist executives

But if you have some or all of the above characteristics and your business idea is worthy of consideration, then you are in an ideal position to discuss with a Venture Capital, which will show interest in investing in you and help you grow.

A Venture Capital will not be afraid to take a risk and lose its money because

  1. a) it invests in a great number of companies all over the world and aspires to immense returns in case of success;
  2. b) it doesn’t lose just money of its own. The Venture Capital will disinvest from your company in 4-6 years by selling its share or by being listed on a pubic exchange (IPO). That is its goal.

Our company, BSS, through its contacts in Greece and abroad, can help you approach the proper Venture Capital that will listen to your idea, assess it thoroughly, and then decide whether to invest or not.

BSS’s competitive advantages:

  • We know how to approach the proper Venture Capital;
  • We support your investment proposition;
  • We intervene smoothly during the process of due diligence;
  • We complete the process within a reasonable period;
  • We provide Prime Consulting in day-to-day challenges after completion;
  • We provide consulting support during disinvestment and Venture Capital exit.


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