Following the 2008 financial crisis, both in Greece and abroad, traditional funding through conventional bank loans became really hard to get, mainly for reasons of regulatory compliance (Basel II).  This created a funding gap in businesses, which was gradually covered by private equity funds and leasing companies.

Leasing funding solutions are pricier (spread) compared to traditional bank loaning, and usually given to companies without track record but aiming to acquire fixed assets of great value and long useful life.

Funding solutions through private equity funds are suitable to more mature businesses that are private (not listed on a public exchange), and seek additional capital for one of the following reasons:

a) they have a development goal (R&D, new production line, new product development etc.);

b) the plan to take over smaller similar businesses for the immediate acquisition of sales networks;

c) they wish to grow and get listed on a public exchange (IPO);

d) they need project finance or mezzanine finance and

e) they lack funding (financial distress).

On one hand, the profile of the applying firms must be either development or potentially restructurable companies, while the private equity entering their share capital seeks a relatively high Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for its invested capital. Usually, the investment horizon is up to ten years.

Our company, BSS, has significant experience in this field, having participated in important projects.  It is at your disposal to help you achieve your strategic goals through a network of cooperating contacts with private equity funds, both within the country and abroad.

BSS’s competitive advantages:

  • Knowing how to approach the most suitable Private Equity Fund;
  • Flexible Collaboration Proposals;
  • Smooth intervening during the process of due diligence;
  • Prime Consulting in day-to-day challenges;
  • Completion of the process within a reasonable period;
  • Consulting support when the investment matures and the time has come for the private equity fund exit.

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