A business plan is the basic business tool assessed by investors, banks, suppliers, third parties etc. before deciding whether to support a partnership or an extension of it. It is the main leverage for raising capital.

In close cooperation with our clients, we record and analyse the current state of a business, as well as its probable future, in order to guide the actions of its managers to specific directions, as well as analyse the development of those numbers that will be assessed by potential financiers.

We want the Business Plan to be the main tool for presenting the business’s future activity to any interested parties.

Our basic competitive advantages:

  • Our participation in investment comities
  • Our inside knowledge of the requirements
  • Our flexibility
  • Our practical solutions
  • Our cooperation with an array of investment funds providers
  • Our reliability
  • Our capability of undertaking the study and presentation of the file and the negotiations, as well as providing the technical-legal support as soon as an agreement is reached. Hence, our holistic approach
  • Our speed,
  • Our efficiency
  • Our tangible results

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