We often hear the phrase “no one can evaluate better his creation than the businessman himself.”

Of course, in this case, the emotional commitment and certain nonmaterial elements give it a significant surplus value.

What is often useful is to have an objective, purely technocratic valuation of the business. It is critical to know the value of our creation, based not just on what we believe, but also on the assessment of an independent entity, based on scientific data.

In this regard, we are at your disposal, enabling you to combine emotion with know-how. Business Solid Success, keeping in contact with individual investment funds and representing some of them, can be a valuable tool.

A tool not just for assessing, but also for searching interested parties and providing technocratic support to all the stages of the negotiation.

We can:

  • Create an overall presentation
  • Draft an analytical information document
  • Contact investment funds and investors
  • Provide legal and accounting support for a certain venture (with the approach made either from Business Support Services, or our client)

Undertaking such a project requires a collective effort and cooperation. It often requires time to form a plan and make contacts and negotiations.

The dominant element in this type of support too, our absolute confidentiality.

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