Liquidity is one of the most valuable business tools. The pillars of extraneous funding are very specific, and credit institutions are their king.

In BSS, we have sought to create a peer cooperation relationship with the bank institutions, making sure to manoeuvre and adapt to the several changes that have been implemented in the bank sector over the last 12 years. We strived and succeeded in preserving our independence, defending the interests of our clients, while building long-term relationships of trust with the Banks.

This has multiple positive results for our clients, since, through our firm, they are simultaneously in contact with all the bank institutions and all their byproducts. In the meantime, their specialised BSS consultant will explain to them the prerequisites, advantages, and disadvantages of every product and help them make the right choice.

Following that stage, our client will move to the next. Our analysis department will present the financial data to the creditors that will be chosen in the way claimed by them, to maximise the chances of approval and achieve the lowest possible cost.

This procedure is complex, but for us, in BSS, who manage annual financing of more than 1.5 billion is nothing more than day-to-day work.

Hence, being funded through:

Business loans: Working capital in the form of an Open Current Account, debt amortization or redemption, Investment Loans, Bonded Loans, Syndicated Loans, Loans for financing buildings or equipment, Leasing, Lines of credit using post-dated checks or invoices, Factoring, Corporate cards and…

European institutions: Entrepreneurship Funds, Suretyship, COVID, ETEAN, Jessica, as well as…

Natural person loans: Housing loans, repairing and improving loans, loans for increasing equity capital, consumption loans, credit cards, are maximised through our collaboration.

The negotiating ability obviously multiplies for our clients through an organisation that manages capitals over 1.5 billion.

With BSS, you have as allies:

  • Our excellent collaboration with the creditors
  • Our knowledge of their products and capabilities
  • Our timely and dependable updates
  • Our holistic approach, identification of needs, processing of products, choosing the proper one, preparation of the request, submission, negotiation
  • Our fast and direct actions
  • Our know-how and experience
  • The dynamics of our managed portfolio

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