Realism, which distinguishes us, is the reason we created a special service, which deals with finding alternative sources of liquidity. As growth in this day and age is hampered, liquidity is the ultimate competitive advantage for any business. We contribute to the implementation of the business plans of our clients, providing the appropriate sources of funding, through Investment Funds – Funds, domestic and foreign.

Bank Loans

Business Solid Success and its executives have many years of experience and know-how in all types of bank financing.

We understand the necessity of funding and monitor the products and developments of the banking sector to be able to keep you updated and guide you, based on the needs of your business.



Knowing the economic and political environment in which Greek companies operate, we understand the importance of foreign investment funds, but also the development opportunities that can bring to any sustainable business.


Venture Capital

The most modern means of financing – development.

Greek companies under certain conditions, must overcome any property doubts and look for modern sources of capital and liquidity in the Greek and international market.

Many Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds we work with, are looking for companies with innovative ideas to invest in and help them grow.


Funding Search Business Plan

In Building Solid Success, we consider business plans the basic tool for organising and laying down a business strategy. A well-representing, objective and realistic business plan gives the full picture to possible extraneous financiers, bringing the business a step closer to new funding.

A high-quality business plan is the key to raising capital.


Company Valuation

We often hear the phrase “no one can evaluate better his creation than the businessman himself.”

Of course, in this case, the emotional commitment and certain nonmaterial elements give it a significant surplus value.

What is often useful is to have an objective, purely technocratic valuation of the business. It is critical to know the value of our creation, based not just on what we believe, but also on the assessment of an independent entity, based on scientific data.


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