Several businesses have made significant investments through programs of rural development.

The CLLD-LEADER initiative includes the following elements:

  • Strategies of local development on a local basis, for clearly defined territories, whose population ranges from 10,000-150,000 inhabitants.
  • Local public-private partnerships, called “Local Action Groups” (LAG).
  • An upwards approach, with decision making authority for Local Action Groups regarding the preparation and implementation of strategic local development.
  • Multi-sector planning and implementation of the strategy, based on the interaction between entities and projects of various sectors of the local economy.
  • A possible implementation of a multi-fund approach, with the participation of EAFRD, EMFF, ERDF, and ECB, to aid an integrated approach of the local programs through the close cooperation of the funds.
  • Implementation of innovative approaches.
  • Implementation of cooperation projects.
  • Networking local corporate relationships.

Private interventions                                                                               

Amount of Aid

The overall budget of the interventions may amount to as much as 600,000€.  For actions on intangible operations, the total budget cannot exceed the amount of 100,000€.

We invest in:

  • Property purchase, construction or improvement.
  • Landscaping.
  • Equipment purchase, transfer and installation.
  • Purchase of new vehicles.
  • Business equipment expenses.
  • General expenses associated with the facilities and the equipment of the unit.
  • Expenses like the purchase or development of software, taking out patents etc.
  • Advertising expenses.
  • Expenses for the connection with Public Utilities (PU).
  • Staff wages, for them to work exclusively for the implementation of the investment etc.

With BSS by your side during the process of submitting for a PA program, you have as allies:

  • A holistic approach, covering all needs regarding application, financing, accounting, and consultancy support.
  • 100% approvability.
  • Capable of undertaking the project as project manager.
  • Know-how.
  • Experience.
  • Excellent collaboration with creditors and entities.
  • Cooperation with the decision-making centres.
  • Speed.
  • Adaptability.
  • Effectiveness.

Together to the future, together to your growth.

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