The development law is the leading development tool of our economy. It pertains to major investments in all sectors, and usually with sizes that cannot be covered through PA programs.

With the expected inflow of the new 72 billion funds, and with the prospects of our country, the development law turns into a strategic tool for us in BSS, through which we can lead a growing number of clients to the new age of prosperity and advancement.

It concerns most of the sectors of the Greek economy, in all the regions of the country and provides aids in the form of:

  • Subsidies.
  • Tax relieves.
  • Leasing rental aids.
  • Wage subsidies.
  • In some cases, with combinations of the above.

We invest in building facilities, in new equipment, in studies-certifications in competitive tools and innovative products.  We aim at improving our client’s innovation and competitiveness and thus, as a result, of the Greek economy.

Accuracy, knowledge, and experience become a competitive advantage in this development sector. The sums at stake are huge and mistakes are out of the question. Knowledge of the European mechanisms, good contact with entrepreneurship, excellent cooperation with management, and the financial departments of the businesses, as well as flexibility.

With BSS by your side during the process of submitting for a PA program, you have as allies:

  • A holistic approach, covering all needs regarding application, financing, accounting, and consultancy support.
  • 100% approvability.
  • We can take on the project as project manager.
  • Know-how.
  • Experience.
  • Excellent collaboration with creditors and entities.
  • Cooperation with the decision-making centres.
  • Speed.
  • Adaptability.
  • Effectiveness.

Together to the future, together to your growth.

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