What are the basic prerequisites for an ISO 9001 certification?

In standards terminology, prerequisites are called “requirements.” The ISO 9001 standard is a number of recorded requirements for quality systems that will upgrade the future of your business.

  • Legalising Documents
  • Quality Policy, Organisational Chart, Duty Descriptions
  • Documents & Files Management
  • Operational Framework, Risk Management
  • Indexes & Goals
  • Human Resources Management
  • Equipment Maintenance, Instrument Calibration
  • Purchases & Sales
  • Client Satisfaction, Complaint Management
  • Internal Inspections, Management Reviews
  • Cases of non-compliance, Corrective Actions,
  • Production Processes

In BSS, we stand by you with our specialised team of executives, to turn a system’s ISO procedure into multiple benefits.

It is worth the try to help your business get the covetable certification and assess together the capabilities of the business against an internationally acknowledged standard for a dynamic future, based on new, innovative standards.

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