Imagine the business world without quality assurance systems. Products will fail, services will be disappointing, the cost will rise and everyone, especially your clients, will be displeased.

‘9001 Certification’ designates a number of actions defined as standard procedures.

It Protects the Company:

  • By defining corporate goals
  • It supervises their achievement
  • It checks and readjusts timely

It Ensures for the Client:

  • Business continuity and punctuality
  • Meeting its needs and expectations

More than 23,000 international standards have been developed for new technologies.  Some of them are environmental, like air, water, and soil quality, gas and radiation emissions, as well as the environmental performance of certain products.

Businesses, through this procedure, show that they respect the observance of international quality and danger standards. In addition to that, certification is now a necessary prerequisite for the engagement of a supplier, of a subsidised “project”, or financing.

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