In the modern world, dominated by an open market and a host of options, customer loyalty is a great challenge for all businesses.

The lack of trust regarding the protection of customer data arrests the progress of the digital economy and, quite possibly, of your business. Only a small percentage of the customers believe that their personal information is legally and justly used.

To contribute to the growth of your business, the increase of your work cycle, loyalty and trust with your clients, we undertake the GDPR compliance study, to protect the rights of persons-clients that give you their personal information.

We ensure the consent for your clients’ data, following these steps:

  • Contact
  • Consent
  • Access & capability of transferring data from the client
  • Warnings
  • Data deletion
  • Profile creation
  • Personal information protection
  • Protection of special categories of data, like health information
  • Possible exception from Marketing practices
  • Underage personal information
  • Data transmission outside the EU
  • GDPR observance director

Data Protection Authority monitors compliance. Their work is coordinated at an EU level. The cost of breaching those rules may be high.

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