The benefits in the Greek Economy for thousands of businesses paves the way for a second chance of rationalisation and future development.

In BSS, we support businesses

  • to prevent their debts from turning into arrears
  • so that we can undertake, in cases of arrears, the drafting of Sustainable Indebtedness Business Plans
  • to lay down the proper strategy in the long run
  • to undertake the negotiations with various entities
  • to lead the business in a healthy & functional financial environment

How can a second chance be successful for businesses, enabling them to do away with past debts and make a new start?

Our role, as a Greek Business Consulting Firm, is to stand by the businesses and the society, so as to understand, analyse the various parameters in a certain financial difficulty and provide them with the solution through Personal Financial Consultation. Because advice is meaningless if not paired with a solution for a prospect that will take us together to the future.

The fact is that a business…

  1. that is not sustainable
  2. or remains stagnant

… Does not automatically mean that it cannot

  1. be improved
  2. recover
  3. and, eventually, survive

The terms “Corporate Reconstruction” and “Business Process Re-Engineering” (BPR) have strategic importance for every business, regardless of its financial condition and its development state.

An efficient reconstruction could lead businesses to a new start, with equally impressive results whether they

  • Face serious financial problems
  • Don’t face problems now but are expected to in the future
  • It has a rather satisfying course and sees reconstruction as a means and an opportunity to tackle competition efficiently

According to the law, it concerns

  • all the small
  • medium-sized
  • and large businesses

The goal of the new law is not just to provide a solution for few big businesses, but mostly to give a second chance to hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, who are the backbone of the Greek economy.

Now, businesses can

  • Settle sensibly their overall debts simultaneously with all their creditors.
  • Reduce considerably the interest rates and lengthen the payment period or even write off debts.

The settlement concerns established debts to

  • banks
  • tax offices
  • pension funds
  • local authorities
  • suppliers and other private individuals

Restructuring is considered one of the most well-known business change methods that helps the company:

  • Survive within a competitive environment.
  • Create afresh the procedures for long-term success.
  • Keep control of cases based on solutions and proposals it suggests itself.
  • Benefit financially by saving time (hence money too) with long-term debt rescheduling.
  • Feel justice, since the adopted solution will entail its views, needs, and convictions too, which it had freely expressed.
  • Feel safe, because the whole process is governed by confidentiality and discretion.
  • Boost its self-commitment, discipline, and self-respect, since it will be called to implement and stand by the solution it chose.

With BSS, you have as allies:

  • Our experience in more than 900 cases of out-of-court mechanisms
  • Our 78% success
  • Our excellent negotiating skill with creditors
  • Our strong relationship with financing institutions
  • Our confidentiality
  • Our punctuality
  • Our flexibility
  • Our integrity
  • Trust

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