Our fast reflexes and commitment to good organisation help us guide more businesses to the future, by undertaking their operational organisation.

Quality Management Systems Certifications (ISO), as well as the compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are neither luxury nor a mere obligation, but a competitive advantage.

Proper compliance with the quality management systems and the observance of measures regarding the safety and management of the organisation’s data should not be treated as an obligation, because they give a competitive advantage against competitors through continuous self-improving processes.

Procedures Certification

Certify the Procedures for Self-Improvement & Competitive Advantages in your Business.

Innovative businesses choosing the ‘ISO 9001’ certification, compliance with the GDPR data protection, and the ‘COVID Shield’ certification as part of an overall corporate strategy, achieve greater efficiency and have a competitive advantage against other businesses through continuous self-improving processes.

In BSS, we focus on building trust, we have the personal data & information safety procedures at the centre of our corporate structures, not merely as a supportive operation, but as a corporate quality assurance strategy. We are interested in the substance of corporate organisation, and not in the bureaucratic aspect of the certification.

The need for culture change to overcome challenges is considered imperative for ensuring the competitiveness of Greek businesses against international organisations.

ISO 9001

Imagine the business world without quality assurance systems. Products will fail, services will be disappointing, the cost will rise and everyone, especially your clients, will be displeased.

‘9001 Certification’ designates a number of actions defined as standard procedures.

Certify products and services for satisfied clients

International management system standards

Add Quality and Value to your Business Operation

Entrepreneurship obeys certain rules and adapts to specific demands. The need for businesses to align with International Standards – Management and Quality Assurance Systems is greater than ever.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management Systems
  • ΙSO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 22000:2018 (HACCP) – Food Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 27001: 2013 – Safe Information Management Systems

ISO 9001 Prerequisites

Follow the ISO Organisational Chart for the Future of your Business.

What are the basic prerequisites for an ISO 9001 certification?

In standards terminology, prerequisites are called “requirements.” The ISO 9001 standard is a number of recorded requirements for quality systems that will upgrade the future of your business.


GDPR Safety

GDPR is the 679/2016 European Regulation for the protection of Personal Information and the safety of the private life of the citizens of the European Union, effective since May 25th 2018. It came and replaced the last important part of the 95/46/EK Directive regarding “EU Confidentiality,” dated since 1995, before the Facebook and Google era.

Many things have changed since then, especially in the way the Internet is used by businesses and natural persons, and in the role of exchanging information and data in our life, so the Regulation was updated.


Storing - Managing Data

Legally and Justly Integrated Data Storing & Managing.

GDPR requires businesses:

  • To collect, use, and store personal data to define a legal base, which the business will use to explain the use of its personal data.
  • These could be, for example, that they have the consent of the person, or they collect them within the process of executing an agreement, or for the person’s vital interest, or that they are legally obliged to do so.
  • Every piece of personal information possessed by a business must be justified in accordance with the following six principles:

Data Protection Officer

In the modern world, dominated by an open market and a host of options, customer loyalty is a great challenge for all businesses.

The lack of trust regarding the protection of customer data arrests the progress of the digital economy and, quite possibly, of your business. Only a small percentage of the customers believe that their personal information is legally and justly used.


Business Benefits

Discover the tool of your Clients LOYALTY

We make sure all businesses are absolutely sure that all information/data they process are collected legally, in compliance with the Regulation. We also make sure that the businesses respect the personal information of their holders, and be able to protect them.


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