For us, in BSS, organising and developing sales comes by strengthening the relationships between businesses and their clients. The solutions we provide are holistic, realistic, and measurable. They focus on strengthening the performance of executives in a way that meets the needs of the market and is aligned with the goals of the business.

The organisation and development of sales include important fields:

  • The study of the external and internal environment of the business.
  • Its financial state.
  • Its suppliers.
  • The distribution channels.
  • The quality assurance systems.
  • The clientele.


  • analyse the business’s strong and weak points;
  • identify opportunities;
  • define market growth goals and expansion;
  • improve profitability;
  • plan a personalised marketing strategy;

We focus on strategic development, in order to bring the sales management closer to the salesmen, by assessing the methodologies that will be implemented, combined with the salesmen’s actions and skills.

  • Does the sales team apply the strategy you have adopted?
  • How can the strategy be implemented without discrepancies?
  • What is the surplus value created by the salesmen?
  • How do salesmen communicate with clients?
  • Do they identify the different buyer styles for personalised research on needs and service?
  • How will the salesmen identify the sales pattern and prepare themselves properly?
  • How well do salesmen know their big accounts?
  • How do you motivate and encourage your sales team?

The sales tools we use contribute to the business’s strategic goals and successfully face the challenges of the market. They truly help in guiding your team easily and explicitly, they measure qualitative results, they measure objectively the relationship with your clients.

The sales increase is not just about sales techniques. It is about skill, improving the efficiency of the sales team, creating a program of constant growth & monitoring.

In BSS, in cooperation with our clients, we map the implementation of the sales strategy, with a comprehensive profitability plan and cash desk flow. We plan the sales model based on the needs of the market and the goals of the business, ensuring a sustainable development that will lead us together to the future!



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