Sometimes, the conditions prevailing in the business environment make mergers or acquisitions simply necessary.

It has been proven that size helps competitiveness and expansion, leading to economies of scale. In the Greek business and entrepreneurial environment, family structures persist, and this usually encumbers such ventures. But maybe it’s the right time to start thinking of such options and try them out.

In Business Support Services, we have the experience and know-how to guide you through these critical procedures for your business.

Our participation in merger-acquisition projects may entail simply consultancy support or, if you wish it, we could take an active part in one or all stages of certain procedures.

Our work starts with special financial audits and the valuation of the company, and it could extend to seeking strategic partners and negotiating with potential investors.

We understand that this involves work that requires proper organisation and delicate handling, in order to boost the chances of successfully seeing this undertaking through.

We follow a specific procedure that ensures confidentiality until the interest and chances of success are maximised.

In addition, our years-long presence in the market and several similar projects afford us considerable experience.

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