Our many years of experience and association with Greek businesses have confirmed that most of them require support in their relationship with the banks. In fact, this need has been growing over the last years, as a result of problems and changes that have taken place in the country’s bank sector.

Maybe you have found out that:

  • There is constant pressure by Bank Institutions to limit your active Credit Limit.
  • Your financing cost has grown considerably over the last years through raises in funding interest rates or commissions for the provided services.
  • There is a need to modify specific terms in your existing Credit Limits.
  • There is a decrease in your overall credit facilities, as a result of merging Bank Institutions.
  • You have lost communication channels with the banks, because of the changes that have affected their structure and manpower.
  • There is a dire need to renegotiate and restructure your financing so that your obligations towards the banks are in line with your actual capabilities.

In BSS, we can be a valuable partner for every business, since:

  • We have experience of more than a decade in the bank sector.
  • Our executives have daily communication and collaboration with all Bank Institutions.
  • We offer technocratic knowledge for the credit assessment methodology used by Bank Institutions, and we suggest ways of achieving credit upgrading.
  • On behalf of our clients, we capitalize on the strong bargaining power it takes, because of the overall Credit Limits we manage per bank.
  • Managing a total funding of more than 1.5 billion, we reasonably have greater leverage and assert better limits and terms for our clientele.

So, it is no coincidence that our firm got the GOLD award in the Accounting Awards 2020!

With BSS as a partner, you can assert anything that seems infeasible regarding bank relationships.

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