The most level-headed and ‘’value-for-money’’ method of seeking sustainability.

A great number of business problems is not caused by the macro-economical environment, but by the microcosm of each business. Based on this belief, we have integrated this service into the pillar of consultancy support. Our experience has shown that, no matter how big the external problems, they are effectively tackled with operational restructuring.

Operational restructuring starts by mapping the situation. It proceeds to the existing organisation chart and the operational structure of the business, the market network and its management, all from the individual parts of the company.

It identifies gaps, traces weaknesses and studies their impact and possible alternatives. It assesses the impact of the changes.


Immediately after, in excellent cooperation with the management, it moves to implementing actions, rearranging operations, changing the organisational chart, assessing and training the staff, with the absolute goal of getting more competitive, improving productivity, and forming working capital.

Finally, Sustainability. Action

In a business world that is constantly changing, Operational restructuring is an unending process of studying and searching. Today’s solutions are tomorrow’s snares. We must constantly seek restructuring solutions, depending on the financial developments.

“Building Solid Success” seeks timely for its clients the best feasible solutions. Besides, it has been proven that operational restructuring is the most level-headed and ‘’value-for-money’’ sustainability method.

We advance to the future together with:

  • 22 years of experience.
  • Some of the most important restructuring projects of the last years.
  • The collective knowledge of 40 executives.
  • Reliability.
  • Know-how.
  • Team spirit.
  • Effectiveness.

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