Our holistic services approach enables us to provide complex solutions in a practical yet accessible way, as we grasp the whole picture of a multi-level business organisation and its complicated relationships with private and public entities, investing capitals and bank institutions. In BSS, we do not follow others. We define the field we move in, and that’s why our collaborations are intertwined with success and prosperity.

Financial Management

Solutions meeting needs

92% of businesses abroad have organised financial management. Most of them meet this need with external collaborations. Hence, markets show us the way.

The vast majority of Greek businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises or freelancers. Meanwhile, the rather complex Greek business environment makes the services of a financial manager absolutely essential.

Still, in some cases, the scale of operation is not steady enough for an internal financial manager, the cost of a salaried financial manager cannot be covered, or there is a need for strengthening internal departments from the perspective of an external advisor.

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Crisis management

“When we pass through this tangle, we will be able to tell our children what we’ve achieved”. This is our favourite dictum whenever this ongoing crisis of more than twelve years tends to wear down a fellow discussant.

Crisis management is a sector of the consultancy support pillar. The crisis nested into the world economy, with a greater impact on the Greek one, and has made us wiser.

Crisis management includes methods and techniques applied in grievous times. It requires particularly deep knowledge, information management, great perception and speed.

In periods of crisis, correct and fast decisions are of critical importance.

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Operational restructure

The most level-headed and ‘’value-for-money’’ method of seeking sustainability.

A great number of business problems is not caused by the macro-economical environment, but by the microcosm of each business. Based on this belief, we have integrated this service into the pillar of consultancy support. Our experience has shown that, no matter how big the external problems, they are effectively tackled with operational restructuring.

Operational restructuring starts by mapping the situation. It proceeds to the existing organisation chart and the operational structure of the business, the market network and its management, all from the individual parts of the company.


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Credit rating

In a world where assessments count in a growing number of sectors, we invest in the steady improvement of credit rating.

Countries, organisations, businesses, bank institutions, insurance companies, are assessed through specific procedures, and this assessment takes on critical value for their entrepreneurial activity.

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In “Business Solid Success”, we set up the budget in close cooperation with our clients, setting goals and objectives, and manage it as a means of measuring the actual performance of a business.

We always make sure to co-shape the goals based on our experience in the market and studies of the field, thus ensuring realistic records, tailored to the new market data. In other words, we do not adopt a passive role of reproducing expectations. Instead, we make sure that the data make sense and have the potential for success. We are very persistent on this point.

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Cash Flow

If we ask ourselves what is the most critical factor in today’s most negative conjuncture, we will all end up in the same magic phrase: cash flow.

To understand the significance of cash flow, we only need to think that it is the instrument-tool of finance planning and cash flow monitoring.

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Sales Development

For us, in BSS, organising and developing sales comes by strengthening the relationships between businesses and their clients. The solutions we provide are holistic, realistic, and measurable. They focus on strengthening the performance of executives in a way that meets the needs of the market and is aligned with the goals of the business.

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Bank Relationship Management

We’ve been awarded with the GOLD prize in the “Funding for Clients” category, and with the GOLD prize for “Non-Performing Business Loans Management.”

Our many years of experience and association with Greek businesses have confirmed that most of them require support in their relationship with the banks. In fact, this need has been growing over the last years, as a result of problems and changes that have taken place in the country’s bank sector.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Sometimes, the conditions prevailing in the business environment make mergers or acquisitions simply necessary.

It has been proven that size helps competitiveness and expansion, leading to economies of scale. In the Greek business and entrepreneurial environment, family structures persist, and this usually encumbers such ventures. But maybe it’s the right time to start thinking of such options and try them out.

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Business Plan

Once, third parties considered Business Plans a luxury. Today it is probably the most basic business operation tool. Let it, at least, be treated this way, and not used occasionally, nor as a necessary evil.

In Business Support Services, we consider Business Plans a tool of organisation and corporate presentation. We believe it is the necessary starting point of every “entrepreneurial Odyssey.” It brings out the sustainability and goals of entrepreneurial activity.

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Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study is a valuation process for companies, organisations, and financial entities in general, to assess their course and performance, both micro-economically and macro-economically.

The studies are divided, depending on their subject, into qualitative and quantitative analysis, two correlative concepts.

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Financial Manager or Chief Financial Officer

Against the challenges of entrepreneurship, with all its constant changes and multiple difficulties, we strengthen the financial department of our business clients.

We add experience, knowledge, and know-how in a team spirit that characterizes us and boosts efficiency.

This way, our entrepreneur-client creates a solid, experienced financial management team with great knowledge.

In addition, it connects the day-to-day operations with support in all financial management fields.

Reliable Financial Manager or Chief Financial Officer Services

Financial Manager or Chief Financial Officer Services

Operational Restructuring

Entrepreneurship evolves rapidly and businesses need to adapt flexibly and timely to the new circumstances.  Studies have shown that most problems in business units stem from outdated modes of operation and deficient organisation.

With great experience in operational restructuring, our business adds surplus-value to the essence of your operation.


Value-Added Service in Modern-Day Businesses.

Credit rating

In the modern-day business world, everything is assessed using credit rating.

States, organisations, businesses, households.

Using this rating:

  • Creditors decide if and at what cost they will provide funding.
  • Insurance companies decide if and for what sum they will insure against a certain danger.
  • Suppliers decide if and how much credit they will provide
Your company’s valuation.


Proper budgeting lies in the heart of business management, along with our consultancy support.

It works like a course map for the businessman, providing an overall picture of the activities that are to be implemented, with specific economic sizes for the:

  • sales planning;
  • production planning;
  • stock management;
  • trading;
  • cash flow and
  • profitability he/she wishes to achieve, as well as the resources that must be activated for a positive result.
Reducing cost tool.

Cash flow

Cash Flow is a necessary procedure for the proper and accurate cash flow management of a business, in order to make decisions that influence critically its sustainability.

The Business’s Oxygen

In BSS, we believe that the goal of good management is the availability of cash whenever the business needs it.

No matter how simple it sounds, it is difficult and by far the most important competitive advantage, that’s why organisation and cash flow management must be performed by specialised consultants.


The most important competitive advantage.

Crisis management

We conduct Management Crisis Studies and forecasting of risks that may threaten a business, to reduce uncertainty and take all the necessary measures, actions, procedures before, during, and after the crisis.  Our goal is to avoid or overcome the crisis in a way that secures the workers and the business’s financial position.

Crisis management starts before the crisis even breaks out, with prevention measures and the preparation of the business, and ends when the goal of fully restoring the damage and bringing the business back to its former state is achieved.

Risk prevention and management.

Sales Development

For us, in BSS, organising and developing sales comes through strengthening the relationships between businesses and their clients. The solutions we provide are holistic, realistic, measurable, focus on strengthening the performance of executives in a way that covers the needs of the market and is aligned with the goals of the business.

We start with studying the external and internal environment of the business, such as its financial state, suppliers, distribution channels, quality assurance systems, and clientele.

We analyse its strong and weak points, trace opportunities, define market growth goals, potential expansion, the improvement of its profitability, we plan the marketing strategy in a personalised way because we believe in drawing a common course with the businessman to move together to the future.

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