For Business Solid Services, statutory audit services are a tool with much greater value than simple data and depiction standards. They are a tool for the Greek businessman, and not just a form of leverage.

In BSS, we want it to be a leverage for growth, combining the provision of safety along with added value. For this reason, in BSS, we develop fast into the Statutory Auditors Sector, widening the range of services we provide to our clients.

Understanding and analysing the activities of a business, as well as collecting information both from its internal and external environment, are combined with the practices, goals, and strategies its management stands for, aiming in the long run at depicting correctly and in the best possible way all financing information.

Our goal is the statutory auditor services we provide to become an additional tool for control, adjustment and development for the businessman, and not just another barrier in his/her effort for a sustainable business.

Through strategic partnerships with specialised Statutory Auditor Services firms, with many years of experience in the auditing-accounting field and with significant clientele covering almost all financial activities, our company offers efficient support in resolving complicated problems, with flexibility and a variety of collaborating entities.

With BSS, you have as allies:

  • A holistic approach to the fields of accounting, statutory auditors, consultancy and legal support.
  • A wide range of alternatives.
  • Confidentiality and trust.
  • Punctuality and speed.
  • Knowledge and constant updating.
  • Integrity and punctuality.
  • Earnestness and dutifulness.
  • Experience.

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