Internal audit is another widely misunderstood service. It scares and stresses people.  However, it is meant to do exactly the opposite. It is a service that helps in ensuring safety.

It allows organisations and businesses to check the efficiency of their procedures and cultivates a corporate culture against fraud and corruption.

BSS undertakes this service either entirely, as an internal partner, or in close cooperation with the current internal audit structure for the development of human skills, performance, and corporate procedures.

Our methodology aims at:

  • Identifying dysfunctions, mistakes, omissions, inefficiencies, and other threats.
  • Confirming the reliability of financial results, based on the evaluation of the internal audit system.
  • Preventing and identifying cases of corruption, fraud, and mismanagement.
  • Ensuring the financial, effective, and efficient use of its resources.
  • Confirming that all the systems of the Company work according to the laws and internal regulations.

Our basic services:

  • Evaluation of the competence and efficiency of the Internal Audit systems.
  • Outsourced Internal audit.
  • Specialised Internal Audit Services in companies that belong to the Bank sector, the Maritime industry, and Listed Companies.
  • Compliance check regarding the applicable legislation (AGBG 2577, MIFID, AML, BASEL, SOX Act 404, Solvency).
  • Fraud audits.
  • Corporate Informational Structure Audit.

With BSS, you have as allies:

  • A holistic approach to the fields of accounting, statutory auditors, consultancy and legal support.
  • Know-how and experience.
  • Confidentiality and trust.
  • Punctuality and speed.
  • Knowledge and constant updating.
  • Integrity and punctuality.
  • Earnestness and dutifulness.

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