Our flexibility, combined with know-how and our incessant learning of the developments brings us to a position of power. In the country’s complex tax system, with its constant changes in both tax and labour issues, we make sure our partners are instantly updated, forming personalised proposals and making the most of the new regulations for their benefit.

Accounting Services

Accounting with the philosophy of personal interest and in the light of integrity. 

BSS was founded 22 years ago. Back then the CEO received many complaints from business clients about the complex nature of accounting and how difficult it was for them to find support that is based on genuine personal interest and the versatility to cope with constant changes.

We managed to create a support pillar with all these data.


Tax services

Tax planning through the philosophy of a responsible and safe policy.

For us, in BSS, tax planning is the first and steady step of implementing our consulting approach. Several resources saving and business operation assurance data are based on it and its adaptations.

We approach this issue with the sobriety and conservative approach it requires.  We discuss, plan with the businessman, and implement with teamwork.


Payroll Services

Zero mistakes, safe pension funds management

The great changes in labour and the developments in wage legislation create the need to support businesses and help them avoid mistakes and the perils of labour laws.


Statutory auditor services

Statutory auditor services, as a result of statutory audit.

For Business Solid Services, statutory audit services are a tool with much greater value than simple data and depiction standards. They are a tool for the Greek businessman, and not just a form of leverage.

In BSS, we want it to be a leverage for growth, combining the provision of safety along with added value. For this reason, in BSS, we develop fast into the Statutory Auditors Sector, widening the range of services we provide to our clients.


Internal Audit Services

Internal audit is another widely misunderstood service. It scares and stresses people.  However, it is meant to do exactly the opposite. It is a service that helps in ensuring safety.

It allows organisations and businesses to check the efficiency of their procedures and cultivates a corporate culture against fraud and corruption.

BSS undertakes this service either entirely, as an internal partner, or in close cooperation with the current internal audit structure for the development of human skills, performance, and corporate procedures.


Ask for ΤΑΧ information

We focus on addressing issues related to the tax system, always with the representation and support of our specialized team of tax experts.

In a complex tax system of the country, with constant changes in tax and labor issues, we seek our synchronized information on all tax changes to be transferred in time to companies, forming individualized proposals to defend their investment interests.

Deep knowledge of the tax framework

Whatever your needs, we are here to offer our know-how, our many years of experience from a simple compliance with the legislation to the complex tax planning, in order to avoid unnecessary burdens and to protect your investments.

The complexity of tax issues requires rapid adaptation to changes in legislation.

That is why in BSS we are by your side proposing the most favorable tax regime, looking for the best solution on tax issues, where in combination with the complete financial study we put the sound procedures for the tax audit of your business.

Tax advice

Businesses need to adapt immediately to any new changes in taxation, following the advice of the tax team.

We operate with confidentiality, trust, personal contact with the entrepreneur. We contribute to initiatives related to amendments to the tax legislation, defending the interests of the company.

A tax audit can and should be handled effectively with proper handling.

Having a substantial knowledge of the applicable tax provisions and the practice of the audit process, we successfully undertake the representation of the audited tax companies. This stage of tax audit is of major importance, as with the right moves, we can achieve a significant reduction of tax burdens and improve the position of the taxable company.

Accounting supervision

Proper planning for proper accounting of a company of any size, is always strategically important and inextricably linked to its viability and financial strength.

The Accounting Office in every business is a catalyst for its smooth operation, especially in our country where the laws are unclear and are constantly changing, with the result that any accounting or tax omissions have a decisive effect.

At BSS, we ensure that the company is protected from the known and unknown challenges of the business and tax environment, anticipate future needs, take advantage of opportunities for its benefit effectively.



Accounting supervision, payroll control, staff management, operational needs of the company at the same time, is a difficult task for the entrepreneur. For this reason, we provide a range of services that can be tailored specifically to your needs.

At BSS, we take full responsibility for the operation of the accounting, according to the requirements and conditions that we set together, so that you enjoy benefits such as the support of an experienced team of executives, the assurance that everything is done correctly and the calm that the costs are controllable.

Supervising the operation of the Accounting Office, improving the procedures and supporting the employees of the department is essential even if you already have a staffed Accounting Office, thus ensuring reliability and efficiency.

The role of Accounting in modern business

The heart of a business is the Accounting. A well-organized accounting can contribute to timely and correct decision making, saving time and money. The most efficient operation of your accounting is an essential tool in the modern business.

  • Control of the application of the tax, labor, insurance and commercial law.
  • Checking the Monthly Balances.
  • Audit of monthly results and financial indicators.
  • Informing the accounting staff on tax, insurance, labor issues.
  • Providing consulting services on economic and tax policy issues.
  • Utilization of the relevant Laws and provisions to avoid or minimize the company’s liabilities to the State. Coordination and Control of end-of-year operations.
  • Closing, preparation of Balance Sheet and distribution of Results.
  • Completion of income tax returns of a Legal Entity.
  • Preparation of appendix and minutes of the administrative bodies related to the Balance Sheet.
  • Collaboration with Public Services and Insurance Organizations for audits and important issues, the resolution of which requires our communication and personal presence.
  • Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)

Together in the future

Our role, as a Hellenic Company of Business Consultants, is to be next to the entrepreneur, in society in order to promote the development and the “business” with a significant improvement in the identity of the company.

Our cooperation includes benefits through Personal Financial Advice. Because advice does not make sense if it is not accompanied by the effective solution for a perspective that will lead us together in the future!


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