The new out-of-court settlement under the 4738/2020 Law

From now on, all debts up to the day of submitting the request fall under this process. We refer to debts to Banks, pension funds, tax offices, public entities, suppliers. Any kind of debt in a single, all-around solution.

We get more and more acquainted with the process and the results constantly improve. Our business has vast experience, with more than 900 cases under the previous legislation and 78% success.

Covering debts up to the submission date is a positive step, since no more debts will be added in the meantime without settlement, and each business will be able to implement its business plan with clean data.

In addition, debts to the state or pension funds can be settled with up to 240 instalments.  For the rest of the creditors, there will be no time limit. The new procedure has important advantages, such as:

  • All debts can be settled, not just those owed to the state and pension funds.
  • Write off is possible, even of capital, regarding debts to banks, suppliers, state and pension funds.
  • Protection during the process.
  • Write-offs of surcharges and fines are independent of the duration of the settlement.

We have more chances of settling debts without legal complications!
Our range of solutions is vast. Our experience is great. Through an organised, level-headed and diligent effort, you can find the best solution possible, solving your problem once and for all.

You need determination, a positive spirit, good organisation, and efficiency; in BSS, we have them.

With BSS, you have as allies:

  • A holistic approach to the fields of accounting, statutory auditors, consultancy and legal support.
  • Know-how.
  • Experience of more than 900 cases.
  • Excellent collaboration with creditors.
  • Cooperation with the decision-making centres.
  • Collectedness.
  • Resolve.
  • Robust client support.
  • Empathy.

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