In Business Solid Success, we monitor closely the developments in the bank sector and possess significant negotiating experience with all the bank institutions in out-of-court debt settlement on behalf of businesses and individuals, since 2003.

In cooperation with the client, we plan the settlement proposal, focusing on the particulars of each case, the structure of the loan, the credit institution, the interconnecting existing securities, as well as the added securities.

We move to alleviate the pressure on the business in the short term, and finding sustainable solutions. Our goal is cash flow. We undertake the difficult work of negotiating with the Bank Institutions and we seek the best possible result. We are interested in practical results, not in theoretical approaches. It is part of BSS’s philosophy to strive beside the client to achieve specific and measurable work.

In this particular sector, important work is achieved either by turning short-term funding into long-term loans or with the emendation/improvement of the terms or payment off programs to help out the debtor.

For us, in BSS, “helping out,” depending on each case, involves setting one of the following targets:

  • Smaller instalments for a certain period.
  • Capitalisation of delayed instalments.
  • Paying just interest for a certain period.
  • Limiting, for a certain period, all payments whatsoever, even of interests with their capitalisation.
  • Reducing cost.
  • Write off – haircut of unjustified interests.

Our work does not end with the settlement approval, since it is a procedure that requires frequent interventions.

We dare to say that, in the field of loan management, loan restructuring, and lending restructuring, we have the most significant successes in our sector, having a great experience as a firm.

Honesty, realism, efficiency

In BSS, we move beyond words and promises. We seek results that are currently feasible and we never promise our clients solutions that are not possible.

We expect, as in all fields, to provide consultancy support adapted to the Greek reality, and the basic characteristics of our businesses-clients.

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