Our determination and goal for sustainable and healthy Greek entrepreneurship certainly make us the leading firm in debt restructuring procedures for businesses, freelancers, and natural persons.

The tools available are many, with the new law on debt restructuring (4738/2020) being the main one. With great know-how in rescheduling options, we take an active part in discussions regarding legislative improvements.

We undertake the whole procedure, from the initial financial audit to the final agreement.

We conduct a sustainability study, we negotiate with creditors, we submit and monitor the course of the application to the end, always in constant communication with the client.

Applying for Debt Rescheduling

Many times, simple solutions are the most beneficial

The process of debt rescheduling without the use of a certain law, either through the code of the Bank of Greece, or directly to the credit institutions, seems a simple procedure, but, for us, it’s much more complex and creative.

BSS is one of the biggest debt managers in the Greek market. Managing financing of more than 1.5 billion, it has close and frequent contact with the decision-makers, great expertise and ensured efficiency.


The new out-of-court settlement under the 4738/2020 Law

An entirely new approach to the tool

Now, an out-of-court settlement is the most well-known and steadier debt settling tool, especially for businesses. This tool evolved and improved, taking its final form within the new restructuring law.

The problems of the previous procedure were studied, and an effort was made for positive adjustments, aiming at a speedy settlement without judicial disputes.


Lending restructuring

In Business Solid Success, we monitor closely the developments in the bank sector and possess significant negotiating experience with all the bank institutions in out-of-court debt settlement on behalf of businesses and individuals, since 2003.

In cooperation with the client, we plan the settlement proposal, focusing on the particulars of each case, the structure of the loan, the credit institution, the interconnecting existing securities, as well as the added securities.


TOGETHER we get rid of the debts of the past

TOGETHER we enjoy a new and healthy business start

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